Sneak Peek into Steering Committee Meetings

It’s time to take a peek behind the scenes….read on as the student coordinators give a glimpse into their regular work sessions!!

How would you describe a typical work meeting?

Alyssa: It’s always changing! Each group of individuals carry different energies, which change the overall tone. We can easily jump from laughing and cracking jokes to logistical planning and real “business”. It’s been a great environment to work in.

Ashwin: A typical work meeting was a 4-hour session starting sharp at 9 AM on Fridays, and was something I looked forward to every single week of Summer 2021. We’d normally log in to the call pretending to be up and going (but actually being a little sleepy) only to get an instant boost from Catherine’s energetic greeting (which we all loved)! We’d then do a round of check-ins and talk about what we accomplished in the week and what we looked forward to going into the next week before taking a little 10-min coffee break and launching ourselves into a productive, but often super fun and collaborative work session. I feel like we had this perfect mix of seriousness, creativity and humor, which I know I’ll surely miss going forward from here on.

When it comes to work, even Constance’s cat Salem joins us in our seriousness😂
But, we don’t forget to have fun!

Audrey: Typically I’m half asleep when we begin, but it’s my favorite part of my Fridays. We are all so different and before this project, I would have never crossed paths with these amazing humans. I love working with everyone because we just have this flow of working so well together. I’m truly going to miss this when it’s over.

Constance: I would describe a typical work meeting as collaborative. Because we are sharing ideas and working together to make A Travel Guide for Talking Hearts happen.

How it all started
How it’s going!

Talking Hearts UMich

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